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Breton Cultural Organizations
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Breton Language

The Kervarker pages, with on-line Breton lessons and lots of information about the Breton language and its history.

Ofis ar Brezhoneg (Office for the Breton Language) works to promote the public use of Breton, aiding businesses and organizations with translation, signage, etc. This site presents its important work and details the progress of the Ya d'Ar Brezhoneg campaign, including the list of 500+ enterprises and organizations signing on for the use of Breton in their business.

www.langue-bretonne.com Webpage of Fañch Broudic with lots of information about the Breton language. Good links to other resources on Breton. Also includes a very helpful "Questions & Response" section for those who have quick questions about the Breton language.

Kuzul ar Brezhoneg, the Breton Language Council was created in 1952 to support organizations and publishers for the Breton language. Its website is in Breton, French or English and presents new publications in the Breton language and provides a link to its member organizations, including catalogs for many of the publishers.

Skol Ober is a correspondence school for Breton learners in operation since 1932. This site will tell you how you can enroll and find a teacher.

Skol an Emsav has been at work for many years promoting Breton and organizing Breton language classes in Brittany. This site will tell you about their work and where to find classes in Brittany.

The official Diwan schools site. Excellent source of information on latest news concerning Diwan schools and bilingual education more generally in Brittany.

Div Yezh, the association of parents for the teaching of Breton in the public schools.

Divskouarn was founded in 2005 to promote the learning of Breton at the earliest ages (and even before birth!). The organization helps parents locate Breton language resources, child care centers and everything related to the care of babies. Lots of practical information about activities one can do at home and resources in the community for the Breton language.

dao.breizh.free.fr Website for Deskin d’an Oadourien, a federation of organizations teaching Breton to adult learners. Most information on the site is in Breton, but helpful in locating Breton classes and learning materials.

Website for Unvaniezh ar Gelennerien Brezhoneg – Union of Breton Teachers. Gives information – mostly in Breton - about the organization and provides access to articles and documents related to bilingual education in Brittany and France.

Summer immersion camp Kamp Etrekeltiek Ar Vrezhonegerien was founded in 1943. Bilingual Breton/French website gives information on how the camp works and how to enroll – great way for those beyond the beginning level to master Breton in a fun, everyday, environment.

Stumdi uses a long-term immersive training program with the mission to train 100 people each year whose mastery of Breton will give them the means to find a job after they complete their studies.

Kerlenn Sten Kidna An-Alre is an organization that has worked for some thirty years in the Auray area to foster the everyday use of the Breton language.

Mignoned Anjela is an association from which the goal is to gather, protect and diffuse all about Anjela Duval and her works.

This is a nice little website posting a diversity of notes related to Breton language events – festivals, new books, job offers, etc. Short notes are in Breton with French translation, and this is a great way to learn a bit

This site lists jobs of all kinds where the Breton language is a welcome skill. Also found is a listing of jobs open for Breton teachers and office administrators where fluency in Breton was needed.

This offers an online French-Breton dictionary. This is a work in progress but a great way to find the Breton equivalent for French words. With time, a  Breton-French dictionary will be added as well as resources for English speakers.

A learning system for those wishing to learn the Breton language using their computer. It uses the Oulpan method (you navigate via French). For thousands of adult learners this can be a very handy resource.

Site for Bertaeyn Galeizz, a major organization supporting the Gallo language of eastern Brittany.

Great source of information on Breton first names including census statistics on the use of any given name - i.e. in 2001, 228 citizens of France had the name "Hoel".

The Breton language Wikipedia – great way to practice your Breton and get a Breton perspective on the world.

See also Breton Cultural Organizations & Books/Publishers below.

Breton Geography, History, Economy, Environment, Sports and other topics

A site with maps of all kinds and demographic information about Brittany. Also includes information about flags and symbols and an extensive link section to take you to great websites of all kinds.

The Hermine server, where you can search for documents about Brittany from periodicals, studies, reports and research memoirs.

"The Breton Identity." written by Ronan Le Coadic. Excellent source of information on Breton identity, language and culture, and all issues related to being Breton. Most information is in Breton or French, but also includes a lot in English.

Both Bretagne Réunie and 44=Breizh work to bring the Loire-Atlantique department (cut off from Brittany in 1944) back into “official“ Brittany. And they work to counter marketing done to soften the Breton identity of people living in this area which has had a central role in Brittany’s history.

Produit en Bretagne was created in 1994 to promote companies and businesses of Brittany and products that serve to give a positive Breton “branding.”

Site for Bretagne Vivante-SEPNB (Société pour l'Étude et la Protection de la Nature en Bretagne), founded in 1958. Includes information on environmental issues. the work of the organization an its branches, and its magazines and publications. Includes a map showing natural reserves in Brittany and incorporates studies of flora and fauna.

This is a great site to learn about the "hot" issues concerning the environment in Brittany – red tides, water quality, etc. It is put together by the Centre de Culture Scientifique Technique et Industriel in Rennes and includes conference reports and scientific papers as well as information for the general public.

Site for the Fédération de Gouren which promotes Brittany's unique Celtic style of wrestling. Includes a history of the sport and lots of descriptive information and images about how it's done and the cultural context in which it thrives today. Also lots of news about wrestling meets and competitions and a map to help find clubs throughout Brittany.

The website of the Fondation Yann Fouéré has a wealth of texts in English and French by Yann Fouéré (1910-2011) who was a major figure in the Breton movement of the 20th century speaking up for Breton and European minority rights on a world stage.

Web site for Jean-Pierre Le Mat, a regular contributor to the U.S. ICDBL newsletter Bro Nevez, who provides a wealth of provocative notes and articles on Brittany and all things Breton. You will need French to explore his “enquêtes bretonne sur les mythes français.” See also www.antourtan.org in the section on Bretons Around the World below

Breton Cultural Organizations

The sites below present the history and work of Breton organizations in Brittany to promote language and culture. Some are larger federations which provide great links to other groups.

New site (in June 2004) for the Cultural Institute of Brittany (Skol Uhel ar Vro) including information on its activities and conferences, news of various committees of scholars working on different topics (history, art, music, economy, geography, maritime heritage, etc.). Also presents the Order of the Ermine and its members, and plans to foster inter-Celtic and international partnerships. Good links section for lots of other information.

The association Breizh.net, whose goal is to promote Brittany and the Breton language on and via the internet. The original host site

The Cultural Council of Brittany is composed of representatives from a range of associations and institutions for the Breton culture. It consults with the Regional Council of Brittany to promote political and financial support for Breton culture.

Site for the Kevre Breizh, an outspoken federation of Breton cultural organizations in all five departments of Brittany representing thousands of people working for the Breton language and culture. The group works to promote not only language and music but to protect the material and immaterial patrimony of Brittany and cultural rights for Bretons.

Kendalc’h is a federation created in 1950 to support and coordinate activities of hundreds of Celtic Circles teaching dance and promoting Breton culture.

Like Kendalc’h, War’l Leur is a long-established federation of Celtic Circles which promote Breton dance and culture through a variety of classes and performance events.

The cultural center Amzer Nevez (Centre Régional de Culture Bretonne et Celtique) where you can find out about classes and workshops (including the Breton language) and innovative work done by Breton artists with studios based at the center.

Home for some 50 other internet sites (some listed in our links) with lots of information also on the promotion of Breton music, culture and language. A good site to start in tracking down festivals, Breton classes, books, etc.

www.teatr-brezhonek.org C’hoariva was created in 2005 to federate professional and amateur Breton language theater troupes in Brittany.

Ti Ar Vro Kemper has a wealth of information on its website about events, music, theater, art exhibits, classes and lectures in southwestern Brittany. It serves as a coordinating point for some 30 cultural organizations, bagads, dance groups, etc., in the area of Quimper.

Books / Publishers

This is a service that will bring you up-to-date news on events in Brittany of all kinds - political, economic and cultural. Add it to your bookmarks/favorites list and check it frequently

The website for the daily newspaper Ouest-France

The other daily newspaper of Brittany, Le Telegramme.

Ar Men is a bi-monthly magazine richly illustrated with photography that presents Breton culture, art, economy, environment, history and pretty much every other topic, including book, CD and film reviews and notes o art exhibits. The website gives a glimpse of articles, but you will need to purchase issues or subscribe to get the details. The site does give you access to some interesting music and video clips.

A visually attractive magazine which focuses on people of Brittany – movers and shakers in all areas of life. The website allows you to read some articles.

Brittia, a weekly magazine about Brittany in French.

Very helpful site to help locate and order books, DVDs, CDs, and games in the Breton language. You can search by type of publication or by a publisher.

Kuzul ar Brezhoneg is a federation of Breton language publishers and organizations to promote the Breton language which collectively promotes the work of all. Good link to some of the major Breton language publishers.

Site for Al Liamm, a literary journal in the Breton language. This site introduces the magazine and its editors, and allows you to search over 300 issues of the magazine published for authors and titles. A great index to some 1,000 authors and 4,500 poems, short stories and essays.

This site presents the history and current work of the organizations Ar Falz and Skol Vreizh. Both promote the Breton language and culture through the publication of books and magazines and materials for Breton learners.

Listings of publications in and about the Breton language published by Emgleo Breiz, Ar Skol Vrezoneg, Brud Nevez, Al Leur Nevez, Skolig Al Louarn and Editions de Liogan.

Ya! Is a weekly magazine/newspaper in the Breton language published by the organization Keit Vimp Bev. It provides an excellent way to practice your Breton reading with short and varied articles.

Website for the publisher Yoran Embanner who has a wide range of books on Breton history and culture as well as an extensive series of mini-dictionaries for Breton and other European languages.

Editions Portes du Large publishes a number of excellent works about Breton explorers and travelers around the world (from Australia to Mexico, North America, Brazil or China).

Le Chasse-Marée is an organization devoted to maritime traditions and publishes a magazine of that name. This site includes information about the magazine and an on-line catalogue of books, CDs, videos, ship models, etc

Website for the Central Brittany Journal, an English language magazine on diverse topics. The website introduces the magazine, gives some samp0les of article, and includes a guide to local businesses in the area of Callac, Carhaix, Rostrenen …

Schoenhof's Foreign Books (Massachusetts). Has lots of Breton language materials for sale.

Radio and Television

Website for Radio Kreiz Breizh which has lots of programming in Breton and lots of Breton music of all styles.

A local radio created in 1983 in the Vannetais region to promote the language and culture of this area.

Spotlight on Brittany is a monthly English language broadcast put together by the Association Intégration Kreizh Breizh (AIKB) in partnership with Radio Kreiz Breizh and Radio Bro Gwened. AIKB has the mission of helping newcomers to Brittany settle into Breton life.

This is a dynamic and entertaining website created by Gwenael Oillo called ar bed e brezhoneg, featuring short films in the Breton language.

This is the website for the TV channel FR3 where you can find Bali Breizh as well as other programming in Breton … and this will link you to some of the recent Breton music recordings (in Breton or French).

Music, Dance & Festivals

See also Breton Cultural Organizations

Dastum was founded in 1972 for the collection, preservation, and promotion of Brittany's rich and still very lively oral traditions. Great site for information on traditional styles of music and song.

Gouelioù Breizh is a federation of Traditional Festival Committees of Brittany, and their site is a great source of information on festivals of Brittany.

Website for the Inter-Celtic Festival of Lorient, started in 1969 to promote the cultures of all the Celtic counties – including those of Spain. Now a 10-day festival, this includes a huge line up of great musicians and one of the annual competitions for the top bagads of Brittany.

This is the official site of the festival de Cornouaille that was created in 1923 by Louis Le Bourhis, and that takes place every year in Quimper.

A huge rock/pop festival held in Carhaix which attracts the biggest names in music, but also features Breton traditional music and innovative arrangements of it.

Site with listing of over 1,000 musical groups, 6,000 dates, 800 song/tune titles, and over 2,000 musicians and members. Excellent site to find web sites for you favorite performers and upcoming concerts, festoù noz and festivals. Check out the TKPédia, a growing resource base of information, currently including descriptions of over 100 Breton dances and a “how to” for organizing a fest noz.

Site to locate fest-noz (night) and fest-deiz (day) by geographic location using a map, by date, or by performer. This seems to have stopped posting in 2012 but still includes an introduction to hundreds of singers, pipers, and groups so you can get a little mini-intro to a group by browsing.

Another site to find lots of diverse information on Breton music – all styles of music in Brittany – and a guide to concerts, festivals, etc.

A listing of hundreds of musicians you can locate through an index of instruments, group, or individual's names. Looking for a biniou player? --You'll find close to 100 musicians who play this unique bagpipes of Brittany that you can contact. This site seems to have some difficulties, and may not be completely up to date but still useful.

La Musique Celtique, a Breton and Celtic music site with concert dates, group information, song lyrics, sound samples, images, links, etc.

Bodadeg ar Sonerion, the association of sonneurs - bagpipe and bombard players - and bagadoù in Brittany. Introduces the work of this very influential organization founded in 1943. Includes links to dozens of bagadoù (Brittany's unique bagpipe bands).

The Diatonic Accordion Collective of Brittany (CADB). Great place to start in gathering information on the button accordion and its many masters in Brittany, and for practical information on finding teachers, workshops, and music.

The homepage of Bernard Loffet, accordion maker, including music and sound samples and good links to information on accordions and Breton music and musicians more generally.

MusicTrad, the server for traditional music in France. Includes good list of Breton music and dance links.

The page TRAD, with information about traditional music and musical events throughout France, offering the opportunity to sample music.

See also Shopping for Music for CD producers and distributors.

Some Musicians

This is just a tiny sample of the many websites Breton musicians and singers have created to introduce themselves and their work. Sites listed in our Music, Dance & Festivals section above will link you to hundreds of more musicians.

"Trouz Bras" means Big Noise in the Celtic language of Brittany. It is also a band in New England which performs the dance music of Brittany. Put together by Ray Price, a longtime supporter of all things Breton, Trouz Bras offers an authentic and invigorating opportunity to hear (and dance to) this mesmerizing music in the USA.

The well known group Tri-Yann from the Nantes region - like the Rolling Stones these guys are still rocking.

THE groundbreaker of them all, Alan Stivell. Lots of biographical information on this official site.

Yann Fañch Kemener is a major presence on the Breton music scene known for his traditional song and innovative work with a number of musicians and groups. There’s lot of Breton language on this site and his Blog has even more with “Brezhoneg ar miz” – a nice resource for learners.

Site for guitarist Dom Duff. Check him out and invite him to come to the U.S. for a concert or festival in your neighborhood.

The pages of Yann-Fañch Perroches, one of the best diatonic accordionists in the business, formerly of Skolvan. This site includes music scores and sounds samples for learners.

Links section of a great Breton website based in Germany (see below). This will quickly link you to the sites for a large number of musicians, singers and musical groups of Brittany.

Shopping for Music

See also Books/Publishers for books and magazines

The home page of this site will link you directly to six music producers: L’Oz Production, Coop Breizh, Keltia Musique, Keltia III, BNC Productions and Last Exit Records. These sites usually offer a good description of each CD they offer and often sound samples as well to help you select.

Boutiques Bretonnes, on-line shopping for everything Breton, from food to art, or furniture.

The Coop Breizh, founded in 1957, pioneered in distributing Breton books and recordings when the market was limited. Great shops to visit today are found in Rennes and Paris.

CD producer and distributor where you can shop on line for CDs as well as books and DVDs.

L'Oz Production, the record label for Didier Squiban, Manu Lann Huel and many others. Site includes a catalog of CDs produced and on-line ordering.

Kerig Productions produces CDs for a number of musicians and has a nice on-line catalog. Information on the site gives good introduction to performers – musicians and singers of a variety of styles – as well as details on the contents of CDs.

Part of the website www.breizh.de, a German site about Brittany with a strong focus on music. This site includes a large selection of Breton CDs that can be ordered on-line. It’s probably best to know some German to order on-line.

This site offers all sorts of products from jewelry to jeans, crafts and souvenirs.

A website to order CDs (older and new) from Brittany and the world. Each CD is priced at 12.50 euros (much better than most prices you will find for Breton CDs) and the site is accessible in English. You can find information on the content and sound samples for each CD. The CDs are organized by country and instruments and styles – very easy to find what you want. Not a huge selection, but a very interesting one.

Bretons around the World

The very active association of Bretons in New York City and area. If you live anywhere near New York, check out the activities of this group and consider joining – you don’t have to be Breton to support Brittany.

A website to link Bretons worldwide - particularly young professionals and students to build economic links and support.

This is a great site to link Bretons world-wide with a directory as well as very active forum for the exchange of ideas. Also includes listing of events, job and genealogical information. Very rich and interactive site with coverage (including video interviews and music) of events such as the world-wide cyber fest noz, conferences and big demonstrations where you can hear about current issues of concern to Bretons.

Site for the Organisation des Bretons de l'Extérieur, with lots of information on Breton communities outside of Brittany and their activities. Also includes current events, history of the OBE, and lots of good links, including sites to access Breton radio and television.

Ti ar Vretoned, the Breton Mission in Paris. their site lists all kinds of activities for Bretons in Paris, including festoù-noz, classes, concerts, etc.

Ths site includes great resources to locate everything related to Brittany in Paris – events, organizations, businesses, etc. . This also has a great links section to help you find websites – not listed here – for Breton organizations worldwide.

“Die Bretagne … das deutche Online-Mag” is a website not so much for Bretons living in Germany, but for Germans who want to learn about Brittany – and it is especially strong on music. You will need to know a little German, but not much to take advantage of the wealth of information here. There’s an especially good Links section to all things Breton.

Association Intégration Kreizh Breizh has the aim of helping English-speaking (and other) newcomers to Brittany to settle into their new life.

Inter-Celtic Organizations

NAACLT - North American Association for Celtic Language Teachers - is a non-profit professional organization for Celtic language teachers and researchers. They promote scholarship, hold conferences, and sponsor a competition for children's literature in the Celtic languages.

Since 1949 the International Celtic Congress has held a week-long congress in one of the Celtic countries to promote the culture and languages of Brittany, Wales, Cornwall, Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man.

This website provides a wealth of information about Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Brittany, the Isle of Man, and Cornwall. The Celtic League is an inter-Celtic organization that campaigns for the political, language, cultural and social rights of the Celtic nations.

The website of Bretons living in Ireland with information about their activities.

Breizh Llydaw fosters links between Brittany and Wales with a magazine in Welsh and Breton.

European Minority Languages and Cultures

Site for the Federal Union of European Nationalities, founded in 1949 to support the language and culture and identities of national minorities in Europe.

A European minority languages site with a few links for Breton (Brezhoneg) and many other languages.

European news agency for minority languages with up-to-date news on politics, polls, public policies, etc. impacting minority languages throughout Europe

Organization for the European Minorities site which includes maps showing languages, flags, political parties, a bibliography, and links to over 400 websites on minority languages organized by country and minority group.

Travel & Tourism

There are many sites to plan a trip to Brittany. The following are just a few. They often have an English language option and will help you find events as well as great places to visit. If you are interested in a particular region or city try doing a search and see what comes up! Send us your suggestions for great sites to be added here.