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March 2024 Newsletter: Issue #169 of Bro-Nevez now available
All past issues are now available online!

Introduction to the U.S. ICDBL

The Breton Language is a Celtic language closely related to Welsh, Cornish, Manx, and Irish and Scottish Gaelic (see Celtic Languages). It is the everyday language of an estimated 250,000 people in Brittany, the far western peninsula of France. But Breton is threatened with extinction. The Breton language is no longer forbidden in schools or hidden totally from public view, but France continues to withhold the resources necessary for its development as a healthy living language.

The ICDBL was established in 1975 in Brussels, Belgium, to support the repeated demands of Bretons that their native language be given the recognition and place in the schools, media and public life of Brittany that it needs to survive. The ICDBL was founded by and continues to count on the support of NON-Bretons, as well as people of Breton heritage living throughout the world, who testify to the international concern for the future of the Breton language.

The U.S. Branch of the ICDBL was founded in 1981, and has members in 38 states - from Alaska, Hawaii and California, to Maine, Florida and Texas. The U.S. ICDBL is a non-profit organization with the aim to help Americans learn about Brittany and the Breton language and culture, and to support the development of the Breton language education and culture in Brittany.

All U.S. ICDBL members receive the quarterly Newsletter called Bro Nevez ("New Country" in the Breton language). This 40-45 page newsletter (primarily in English with some Breton and French) includes articles about the Breton language and culture, book and music reviews, and short notes to introduce readers to Breton history, art, literature, economy, sports, nature and Brittany's Celtic cousins. Membership (or subscription to the newsletter only) costs US$20 per year for US residents and US$25 for non-US residents.

The U.S. ICDBL has also produced and continues to update a series of reports and pamphlets to introduce the Breton Language and learning materials for it, as well as Breton Music, history and Websites. And we serve as a "clearinghouse" for individuals seeking information on any topic related to Brittany and Breton culture.

The U.S. ICDBL provides Bro Nevez on a complimentary basis to a number of language and cultural organizations in Brittany; in some instances we are also very happy to establish an exchange of publications.