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Musical Instruments of Brittany: The Celtic Harp

The Telenn or Celtic Harp is a small harp whose golden age in Brittany as well as in the other Celtic countries was the Middle Ages. Professional harpers brought the harp to the halls of noble families as well as more common folk, and a great deal of musical exchange between harpers of Brittany, Wales, Scotland and Ireland is recorded in history. Combined economic, social, political and cultural changes contributed to the decline of this instrument, and by the end of the 18th century harps had disappeared in Brittany. A rebirth of the Celtic harp in Brittany can be dated to the 1950s and Jord Cochevelou (father of one of the best known Breton performers on harp, Alan Stivell) was an important figure in the reconstruction of ancient harps. By the early 1970s the popularity of the Celtic harp started to grow and today hundreds of Bretons learn harp, performing at annual competitions and festivals in Brittany in solo or in a group with other instruments.


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Classic Stivell which stands up very well with time.
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"New age" style in arrangements of Celtic melodies. See also Stivell in «New Arrangements» Section

Various performers
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Two-CD set with 21 well known harpists. Richly documented with a 60-page hard-bound booklet.

See also the group Triskell in «New Arrangements» listing.

Resource Organization

Hent Telenn Breizh
Organize workshops for metal strung harps.