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Musical Instruments of Brittany: The Clarinet

The Treujenn Gaol, literally translated from Breton as «Cabbage Stump» is a clarinet with four or five keys, often made of boxwood. More commonly found are clarinets of thirteen keys made of boxwood or ebony. The fabrication of these instruments in Brittany dates back to the 19th century and their use is concentrated in central western Brittany--Bro Fanch and Plinn and Bro Fisel. Modern clarinets of twenty-four keys are also used and traditional performers tend to stay within one octave. The music parallels that of the biniou-bombarde pairs, and even when a single clarinet is playing, the performer uses a responsive style. The organization Paotred an Dreujenn Gaol has been particularly active in promoting research, documentation, and performance of this instrument.


Various performers
Sonneurs de clarinet en Bretagne/Sonerien treujenn-gaol. Musiciens et chanteurs traditionnels. vol. 2. Dastum/Ar Men/ Paotred an Dreujenn gaol. SCM 008. 1986.
Double lp with rich jacket notes; reissued on CD Le Chasse-Marée SCM 027. 1992.
Clarinettes et anciennes danses populaires du Trégor. Chanteurs et musiciens de Bretagne no. 5. Dastum Bro Dreger/Dastum DAS 1115. 1991.
Cassette with 87 page booklet documenting performances and history of dance and use of the clarinet in the Trégor region of northern Brittany.

Michel Aumont
Clarinettes armorigènes. An Naer Produksion.
Jazzy arrangements using lots of different types of clarinets.

Christian Duro
Sonneur Fisel. Escalibur CD 872. 1997.
Various traditional and less traditional clarinet performances by one of Brittany's best players.

Paotred an Dreujenn Gaol
1ère rencontre internationale de la clarinette populaire. Radio Kreiz Breizh & Paotred an Dreujenn Gaol. K02. 1990
2e rencontre international de la clarinette populaire. Paotred and Dreujenn Gaol/Radio Kreiz Breizh. K03. 1991
Festival recordings including Breton as well as international range of clarinet players.

Quintet de clarinettes
Musique tetue. Silex Y225001. 1991
Bazh du. Silex 225031. 1994
Traditional and jazzier arrangements and compositions by group including Michel Aumont, Dominique Le Bozec, Bernard Subert, Dominique Jouve, Eric Marchand.

Les 6 Troncs
Infusion. Kerig KCD 181. 2004. Group of five clarinet players (and guests): Charles Quimbert, Yves Le Blanc, Laurant Clouet, Erwan L'Hermenier, Stéphane Ledro.

Kan treujenn-gaol akordéons. Ciré Jaune CIR 120. 2001.
Clarinets and accordions featured.