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Musical Instruments of Brittany: The Violon & The Vielle à Roue

The Violon or Fiddle was noted first in Brittany in the 17th century and it has been an instrument found primarily in eastern Brittany. Most fiddlers were artisans--wood workers and furniture makers who sometimes made their own instrument. This instrument was at the height of its popularity in Brittany at the turn of the century when it was used to lead wedding processions and dances, but after World War I, it tended to be replaced by the accordion. In the 1970s only about 40 traditional fiddlers could be found. While Irish fiddling has been a source of inspiration for younger Bretons, research and collection of music from traditional Breton fiddlers has kept its practice going.

The Vielle à Roue or hurdy-gurdy has been found throughout Europe since the middle Ages. Its period of greatest development in France seems to have been the 18th century when it was a popular instrument of the court and aristocracy. In more recent centuries eastern Brittany along with the regions of Bourbonnais, Berry and Auvergne, have been particularly active areas for this instrument. Like other traditional instruments of Brittany, its use declined between the World Wars as the accordion gained ground. A current revival began in Brittany in the 1950s with the use of the hurdy-gurdy by the Celtic Circles (dance troupes) of Rennes, St. Malo, Penthièvre, St. Brieuc and Dinan. The hurdy-gurdy remains a part of an oral tradition in northeastern Brittany where it is played for dancing, wedding festivities and informally for local festivals.


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Violon (Fiddle)

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Arrangements of traditional Breton tunes and a few compositions and borrowings; some with guitar, piano...

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Combined with lots of other instruments.

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Various performers
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Vielle à Roue (Hurdy-Gurdy)

Various performers
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Other Strings

Two string quartets with a classical edge to arrangements of Breton and other Celtic melodies and dances.

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