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New Arrangements of Breton Music

Many performers on the recordings which follow also perform styles considered traditional; the line between what I call "traditional" and what are "arrangements" is a fine one in some cases. The following is a sample of some very interesting and excellent recordings, reflecting a wide range of ways that Breton musicians and singers create new music from old traditions and influences from all over the world (pop, rock, jazz, rap,...). In most cases only the most recent of several or many recordings is noted. Some of the older CDs may no longer be available, but are worth a search. New CDs come out all the time so this list will be quickly outdated.


A very good way to get introduced to a number of musicians - both traditional in style and those who do more innovative arranging. These are just a few more recent ones .

Au coeur de la musique bretonne. Vol 2. Coop Breizh 2004.
15 instrumental and song selections of all styles.

Beauport - de pierres, de paroles et de musiques. Kerig. 2002.
Includes song, harp and poetry.

Breizh generation - les standards de la chanson bretonne. Edenways Re 73196-2. 2004.
Focuses on rock bands and instrumental groups.

Bretagne. Wagram Music 3090202. 2004.
15 selections with good mix of song and instrumental arrangements.

Bretagne à Bercy. Saint-Georges SAN 494 5102. Sony Music 1999. 2 CDs
Concert performances by some of Brittany's bigger names, including Alan Stivell, Gilles Servat, Tri Yann and Dan ar Braz.

Compil'oz. L'OZ Production L'OZ 38. 2002
Nice variety of solo performers, bagads, groups from OZ recordings.

L'empreinte de la Bretagne. Naïve Y 2250181. 2000.
Reviews recommend highly. Includes R. Le Bars, Quintette de Clarients, J. Pellen, Bagad Kemper, Manu Lann Huel ...

Fest noz d'EOG. EOG 108. 2001.
Selection of fest noz bands recorded by EOG.

Les grandes voix de Bretagne aux Tombées de la Nuit. L'Oz Production. L'OZ 40. 2002.
Traditional and more «pop» styles including some of Brittany's best «singer-songwriters.»

Hommage - da enoriñ - Glenmor. Radio France Bretagne Ouest/Kan an Douar. KAD 01. (Dif. Coop Breizh). 2000.
Recording of a concert given at Gouel Broadel ar Brezhoneg to honor famous «chanteur engagé» Glenmor. Performers of his songs include Katell, Andrea ar Gouill, Yvon Etienne, Mona Jaouen, Manu Lann Huel, Bernez Tangi, and Kristen Nikolaz.

Kerden - Cordes de Bretagne. Gwerz Pladenn GWP 014. 1998 
A sampler of electric and acoustic guitar players: Jacky Molard, Dan ar Braz, Pat O'May, Soig Siberil, Nicholas Quemener, Tangi Le Doré, Alain Genty, Jacques Pellen, Alain Léon, Franck Le Bloas, Jamie Mc Menemy, Gilles Le Bigot, Jean-Charles Guichen, Roland Conq, Yvon Riou.

Bro Dreger XII - Daou ha daou. Kreizenn Sevenadurel Lannuon. BD 012. 2001
Paired singers and instrumentalists interpreting traditional music from the Treger region.

La musique bretonne - Les groupes à danser. L'Anthologie Vol. 1. Coop Breizh CD966. 2005.
2-CD set featuring 38 bands for Breton dancing of the 1970s, 80s and 90s with 80-page booklet to introduce each.

Musiques et musiciens de Bretagne. Coop Breizh CD935. 2002.
Various styles with focus on instrumental groups.

Planète Bretagne. Déclic (Sony) DICB 11692. 1999. 2 CDs.

Les Titres essentiels Bretagne. Marzelle 582 415-2. 2003.
2-CD set of  traditional instrumental groups as well as « rocker » bands of Brittany

Instrumental Groups and Singers

Just a few of the best known and more recent recordings biased by the fact that I know of them, have heard their CD or seen a strong review of their work.

I.K.  Coop Breizh/Siam Productions. CD 883. 1999
Diank Sony Music. 2001
Traditional singer Kristen Nikolas with a techno style backup group featuring traditional Breton dances.

Dan Ar Bras
Héritage des Celtes Columbia COL 4777632. 1995.
Collaboration with a number of stars from the Celtic world.
La mémoire des volets blancs. Columbia. 2001.
Made in Breizh. Tinder Records 361072. 2002.
Selections from earlier CDs
à toi et ceux. Label Proiductions/Columbia. SAN 513782-2. 2003
Frontières de sel. Pathé DFRS 457154. 2 hour DVD and 47 minute CD. 2006.
Features live performances and interviews of this master of electric and acoustic guitar.

See also Patrick Molard in Bagpipes section: Theme for the Green Lands..

Ar Re Yaouank
Best Of. Le Ciré Jaune. CIR 128. 1998.
A ground-breaking fest-noz dance band of the 90s - no longer together, but all its musicians very much on the Breton scene. .

Ec'honder Escalibur CD828, 1989
An den kozh dall Keltia Musique KMCD29, 1992.
Traditional singer Y-F Kemener with Jean-Michel Veillon, Gilles Le Bigot, Alain Genty and David Hopkins.

BD Swing Orchesta
En concert que c'est. An Naër Produksion. 801. 2004

Roland Becker
Gav'rinis. Arfolk/Escalibur CD 840. 1992.
Kof a kof - Au café Breton. Oyoun Musik CM001. 2002.
Monsieur Kerbec et ses belouzes. Oyoun Musik OM002. 2004
Jazzy arrangements of Breton tunes and Breton-inspired compositions; lots of sax and winds and Becker's exceptional use of bombarde.

Bleizi Ruz
Bleizi Ruz en concert. Escalibur CD 836 ADD. 1991
An Teuz. Cire Jaune CIR 194. 2001
Well known band with 20+ years of experience.

Bugel Koar
Ar Solier. An Naer Produksion. AN 403. 2000
Nebaon / T'inquiète. An Naer Produksion 802. 2004.
Duo of singer Marthe Vassallo with accordion player Philippe Olivier.

Carré Manchot
Liyannaj. Déclic B 11452. 1999 & 2005.
With traditional band from Guadeloupe
Degemer. Ciré Jaune CIR 810 579 2. 2001
Group including: Herve Lelu, Gilbert Le Pennec, Ronan Pinc, Ronan Robert.

Roland Conq Trio
Roland Conq Trio. Coop Breizh CD 939. 2002.
Guitars and bass fiddle.

Ar c'hoant. An Naër Production 601. 2002.
Live, ur sulvezh ba' Langoned. Tous à l'Asso TALA 0105. 2005.
Band with variety of instruments and great vocals.

Diaouled ar Menez

Chauffe la Breizh! - Fest noz depuis 1972.
Sampler of recordings by this popular group performing most often live at festou noz.

Setu ur vuhez. EOG Productions/Coop Breizh EOG V05. 1999.
Fest noz band.

Glazik. DREM 02. 2001
Acoustic group with guitar, harp., accordion, biniou, bombarde and veuze...

Dom Duff
Straed an amann, BNC Productions. 2003.
Lagan. BNC Production. 2005.
New compositions in the Breton language, with some in French and English in a variety of styles - rock to folk.

Annie Ebrel & Riccardo Del Fra

Voulouz loar/velluto di luna. Gwerz Pladenn. GWP 016. 1998.
Traditional singer combines with jazz bass fiddle player.

Deuxième Vendage. Virgin. 2003.
Fest noz band with Gallo and Loire-Atlantique repertoire.

Pemp. Sony EPC 501746-2. 2001
L'Essentiel. Créon Music 542867-2. 2003
One of best known Breton rock bands.

Patrick Ewen, Gérard Delahaye, Melaine Favennec
Kan tri. Production Dylie. 2003.
Three «singer-songwriters» who are also fiddlers and well-loved as solo performers.

Zao. Coop Breizh CD941. 2003.
Group with fiddle, accordion, guitar and electric bass.

D'un bout à l'autre. Self-produced FOL 05. 2004.
Fest noz band.

Forzh Penaos
Deus ganin. Label Production CD962. 2005. Fest noz band.

Alain Genty
Le grand encrier. Keltia Musique KMCD 92. 1998
Une petit lanterne. Keltia Musique KMCD 152. 2004.
Electric guitarist with friends; compositions and innovative arrangements of traditional tunes.

Les principes oeuvres. Arfolk/Escalibur CD 413/414
Reissue of classics by this well-known singer/poet known especially in the 60s and 70s for his militant texts.

Jean-Charles & Fred Guichen
Frères. Avel Ouest JCFG02. 2004.
Accordion and guitar players formerly of the band Ar Re Yaouank

War-raog. Stern STE 265682. 2005
Latest of many recordings by this long-standing band.

Gwerz live. Gwerz pladenn CD GWP001. 1993
Ground-breaking group in arrangement of traditional music: Youenn le Bihan, Jacky and Patrick Molard, Eric Marchand, Soig Siberil, Alain Genty and Bruno Caillat.)

Hamon-Martin Quintet.
Allume. Coop Breizh CD926. 2001.
Group with Mathieu Hamon, Erwan Hamon, Janik Martin and Ronan Pellen with song and instrumental arrangements of music from Gallo Brittany.

Jolie Vilaine
Jardin d'amour. Galav G2704183. 2004.
Yann-Fañch Perroches on accordion with singer Véronique Boujout with repertoire of Gallo Brittany.

Lors Jouin & Soig Siberil
Tan dehi. Coop Breizh CD931. 2002.
Great traditional singer paired with guitarist.

Yann Fañch Kemener & Aldo Ripoche
An eur glaz. Siam Productin YFK/AR/1. 2001
An dorn. Buda musique 3016971. 2004.
Traditonal singer and cello/bass player.

Yann Fañch Kemener & Didier Squiban
Ïle-Exil. L'Oz Production, L'OZ 11. 1996
Kimiad. L'OZ Production. L'OZ 24. 1999
Traditional singer with piano.

Nozata. Coop Breizh CD 900. 2000
Liesliw. Coop Breizh/Amzer Noz AN-K-03. 2002
Young fest noz band using guitars, accordion, fiddle, percussion, bombarde and biniou.

Nolwenn Korbel
N'eo ket echu. Coop Breizh 948. 2003.
Bemdez c'houloù. Coop Breizh CD980. 2006.
New song compositions in the Breton language.

Korong, Green Linnet Records. GLCD 1209. 2000
Very popular band of the mid 80s who toured in the U.S. including Jamie McMenemy, Jean-Michel Veillon, Christian Lemaitre and Nicolas Quemener.

C'est en souhaitant bonsoir! Keltia Musique KMCD 97. 1999
Features voice of Véronique Bourjot with solid instrumental backup and a slant towards the rich Gallo repertoire.

Pascal Lamour
Yer'mat. L'OZ Production L'OZ46. 2005.
New songs in Breton with acoustic and electric accompaniment.

Gilles Le Bigot
Empreintes. Keltia Musique KMCD137. 2003.
Guitar compositions and arrangements of Breton melodies and dances.

Eric Le Lann
Origines. Avel Ouest HM 01 - DB10. 2005.
Original combination of trumpet and song.

Loened Fall
An Deizioù zo berr. An Naer Produksion. An Naer 202. 1998.
Gouez. An Naer Produktion 702. 2003.
Kan ha diskan singing of Marthe Vassallo & Ronan Gueblez at center acoustic mix for traditional songs and dances from western Brittany.

Loenoù Ruz
Amzer ar merc'hed. LR001. 1998
Ha c'hoaz unan. Self-produced. 2003.
Group of 8 women featuring songs from the Gwened tradition.

Sort de son lit. Self-produced MACD 02. 2002.
Instrumental group from the Redon area of Gallo Brittany.

Erik Marchand
An Tri breur. Silex Y225 008. 1992.
Marchand with Breton language song; Thierry Robin, oud, and Hameed Kahn, tabla.
Sag an tal eil Silex Y225043, 1994.
Traditional song with Taraf de Caransebes.

Erik Marchand et les Balkaniks
Pruna. Le Chant du Monde/Harmonia Mundi 2741260. 2004

Erik Marchand & Rudolphe Burger
Before Bach. Dernière Bande 3100652 / Wagram WAG 331. 2005
Traditional singer with electric guitarist.

Erik Marchand, Paolo Fresu & Jacques Pellen
Condaghes. Silex Y225067. 1998
Traditional singer in collaboration with Sardinian jazzman and trumpet player.

Multicartes. Dogofpride DOP 01. 2004.
Group with percussion, flute, guitars and hurdy-gurdy.

D'ar gêr. Ciré Jaune. 2001
Centered on new compositions in the Breton language with accompaniment by fiddle, uillean pipes, flutes, guitars & percussion.

Dominique Molard.
Stok an dañs - Bretagne terre des rythmes. Keltia Musique RSCD 260. 2005.
All-percussion performance of Breton dances by Dom Molard, Jacques Moreau and Antonin Volson.

Le Ragodin masque. Coop Breizh. 2005.
Concert version of the band Emsaverien.

Air de rien. Buda Musique 850 115. 2005.
Musicians from the bagad experience with group featuring bombardes and bagpipes with saxophone and percussion.

Obrée Alie
Alment d'if. Coop Breizh CD 904. 2000
Venté sou léz saodd. Chabri CHUCD 001. 2004.
Group focused on the Gallo traditions, with song texts in Gallo.

Ozan Trio
Konsert. Keltia Musique RSCD266. 2005.
Armel an Hejer sings with Bernard Bizien on guitar and Malo Carvou on flutes.

David Pasquet Group
Breudeur ar stered. Coop Breizh CD969. 2005.
Bombarde player David Pasquet is joined by musicians on bass, guitars, percussion, flutes and biniou.

Jacques Pellen
Celtic Procession. Silex DDD 6931 Y225028. 1993.
Ephemera. CD Naïve/Auvidis Y226188. 2003.
Jazzy arrangements of traditional tunes by guitarist and friends.

Pevar Den
Fest-noz. Coop Breizh CD 929. 2002.
Dek vloaz. Coop Breizh CD960. 2005.
Fest noz band with fiddle, flute, bombarde,bagpipes and guitar.

Denez Prigent
Irvi. Barclay-Universal. 543647-2. 2000.
Live Holl a-gevret. Barclay/Universel 8548 / LC 00126. 2002.
Sarac'h. Barclay/Universel 5127 / LC 00126. 2003.
Traditional singer who incorporates hip-hop/techno mix.

PSG. Coop Breizh CD937. 2002.
Group of guitarists with Patrice Marzin, Soig Siberil, Jean-Charles Guichen

Quatre Jeans
Que de mensonges. CD AL4AS. 2001
à Nantes, la grande ville. A. Pennec Ed. CAP 22. 2004.
Group with a focus on the Gallo song and dance tradition.

Gilles Servat
Comme je voudrais. Columbia 497962-2. 2000.
Escales. Columbia/Sony SAMPCD 12572. 2003.
Sous le ciel de cuivre et d'eau. Label Production. CD964. 2005.
Latest of many albums by one of Brittany's best known "singer-songwriters"

Soig Siberil
Gitar. Coop Breizh CD 927. 2001
Digor - du côté de chez Soïg. Coop Breizh CD946. 2003.
Lammat. Coop Breizh CD977. 2006.
Brittany's top acoustic guitarist and friends in arrangements and new compositions.

Beg ar riñs. Keltia Musique KMCD 124. 2001
D. Le Féon on bombarde, S. Le Féon on accordion, A. Le Signor on harp, J.-M, Mansano with organ & singer Marthe Vassallo.

Rag ar plinn. Keltia Musique KMCD 72. 1997
Couleurs/Livioù. Keltia Musique KMCD 98. 1999
Acoustic band featuring biniou/bombarde pairing.

Cheñchet 'n eus amzer. Keltia Musique KMCD 107. 2000.
Live in Italia. Keltia Musique KMCD 150. 2004. Double-CD.
Instrumental group: Youenn Le Bihan, Yann-Fanch Perroches, Gilles Le Bigot and Fanch Landreau.

Sonerion Du
Noz Live. EOG 007. 2000
La bel âge. EOG 008. 2002
Puzzle 2. EOG 009. 2004. CD & DVD.
Latest of many recordings by one of the best known bands of Brittany.

Didier Squiban
Trilogie pour piano. L'OZ Production L'OZ 37. 2001. Set of 3 CDs :
Molène (1997), Porz Gwenn (1999) & Rosbraz (2001)
Tendances. L'OZ Production. 2005
Piano compositions and jazzy arrangements of traditional melodies.

Alan Stivell
Back to Breizh. Dreyfus/Keltia III. FDM 36223-2. 2000
Au delà des mots. Keltia III/Dreyfus FDM 36224-2. 2002.
Parcours. Keltia III 450938. 2004.
Explore. Keltia III/Harmonia Mundi FAC K3104/ 2006.
Just the latest in a long line of great recordings since the 1960s. See also sections on «Celtic Harp» and «Composers»

Trede milved. STROB 04 / Ciré Jaune CIR 182. 2000
Group including: Gilles Lehart, Patrick Le Balc'h, Jean-Henri Le Guilcher, Riwall Le Menn.

Tan Ba'n Ty
Dilhad sul. Ar Vilin Production TBT :IIVI. 2002.
Group with fiddle, flutes, guitar, clarinet and singer Nolùen Le Buhé.

Ti Jaz
Rhythm 'n Breizh Gemini Prod. 1010. 1998
Live in ar Vag. Ciré Jaune CIR 501. 2001
Bombarde, clarinet and sax featured.

An douar hagus ar speir. Sergent Major Company SMC 138482. 2001.
Breton band based in Paris. Mix of Breton and Irish music with a rock beat

Telenn vor. Le Chant du Monde 2741168. 2003. 
Features Celtic harps of Quefféléant twins; strong inclusion of Irish and Scottish tunes and melodies and Breton arrangements.

Tri Yann (an Naoned)
30 ans au Zénith. Marzelle EPC 5051942. 2001. 2-CD set.
Marines. Marzelle EPC 5120865. 2003.
Les racines du future. Pathé OFRS 45097. 2005.
Inventaire 1970/1993. Triskell Music/Polygram. 1993
Latest from this well-known group which has been on the Breton scene for over 20 years.

Trompettes de Mozambique
Les trompettes de Mozambique. TDM 01. CD & DVD.
Six compositions by this group featuring bombardes; DVD shows concert performances and clips of tours.

Setu!. Keltia Musique KMCD 122. 2001
D. Boedec on bass; F. Lambèrge on accordion; C. Langelier with flutes; F. Le Rest on guitar; E. Ollu with oboes and biniou.

Jean-Michel Veillon
E koad Nizan. Gwerz Pladenn GWP 004. 1993
Er Pasker. Coop Breizh CD 888. 1999
Arrangements of traditional Breton dances and melodies and compositions featuring wooden flute.

Jean Michel Veillon & Yvon Riou
Pont Gwenn ha Pont Stang Gwerz Pladenn GWP 009, 1995
Beo! An Naer Produksion. Naer 402. 2000

«Métissages / Mixes»

Many Breton musicians include tunes from other world cultures in their repertoire. The following are excellent examples of Bretons incorporating insturments and music of other cultures, or working in collaboration with musicians of those cultures.

Awen Magic Land
Kerlouan. Awen Records/Rikou Soner RSCD 264. 2005.
Breton, Irish and Spanish traditions inspire new songs and music with an acoustic and electronic spin.

David Hopkins
Parallel Horizons. Keltia Musique RSCD 261. 2004.
Master of percussion from all over the world

Namou. Méridien Production Mer 01. 2004.
Blend of traditions from Brittany and Mali.

Keltiafrica. Babu Bleu Proudction BBL 040315. 2004.

Kerhun et les Gnawa
Lila-noz. L'OZ Production L'OZ 34. 2001
Example of international collaborations Breton musicians are taking on - this time with Moroccan singers and percussion.

Penn ar bled. Sterne STE 26569-2. 2005.
10 musicians and singers with newly composed as well as arrangements of dances and melodies of Brittany, Ireland and the Berber tradition of North Africa.

Tamm ha Tamm
Sur la route des Indes. Coop Breizh. 2001.
Music from India and the Reunion Islands blended with hurdy-gurdy, sitar, flute, saxophone, tables and other percussion.

Berbéro-Celtic. TWG 2001. DB12.
Instruments include flutes, bombardes, guitar, percussion and vocals with a North African accent.

See also Erik Marchand in list above for a master of mixing cultural expression.